Friday, April 21, 2017

Quilt Coloring Books (again)

Well, what do you think? I know I've asked this before but I have one of my publishers wanting to offer my designs from previous Quilt Block a Day calendars. I'm going to show you three that I like from 2006. Simple quilts with piecing, applique and even quilting. Would you print and color these if they were offered online?

Blooming Hearts using the swatches I preferred.

Blooming Hearts
But, you may have other ideas! Here's the line drawing. You are free to print and color to your heart's content. Click this link and download a pdf for coloring: Blooming Hearts

What about the vintage pattern called Turkey Tracks? Here is my color rendition.

Turkey Tracks
What colors would you prefer? Click this link for the pdf to color: Turkey Tracks

And one last one: Underground Railroad.

Underground Railroad
You can let your imagination go wild with this wonderful pattern! Click on the link and you can color using any palette: Underground Railroad

Personally, I prefer playing with real fabric. I do like coloring books, but only seeing those filled in by my little grandchildren! Thanks for stopping by and letting me share 3 quilts from 10 years ago!


  1. colouring is definately very much in at the moment so sounds a good idea though I personally have not taken to it.

  2. Probably not, I liked to color growing up, but after teaching school for 25 yrs and 1st grade the last 19 my desire for just sitting around coloring vanquished. My favorite design that I have seen of yours is the cover on the 2012 calendar. Sorry, nothing against any of your designs, they are beautiful, but I personally wouldn't download any coloring pages. I'm sure a lot of people would love any of them, because it seems coloring is the in thing now for some folks. But I think you should go for it anyway. My opinion is just a personal thing, and nothing against your great work.

  3. I would color Blooming Hearts because I'd love to make that quilt.

  4. I would love to color any of your blocks and quilts Debby. many of the books that are out now are so hard to see for all the lines...just like the paint by number pictures....

  5. I would to color all them all and if I have to choose only one would be Underground Railroad.

  6. I would love to see these in a coloring book. However, my time is limited to coloring so I don't know how much I would do. I am going to print these for that time I may have to color. Love them.

  7. Debby, I love the quilts but I am not big on coloring. My two favorites are Underground Railroad and Blooming Hearts, and I wouldn't mind making them but I haven't gotten into the latest coloring craze. ~smile~

  8. Love all three and have printed them out. I need something to calm me down after work and am unable to quilt a lot of the time due to health issues so quilt patterns in colouring book page form are perfect.

  9. I like coloring books so I can play with color combinations that I might like to try but may not have in fabric. I don't have a huge stash and find coloring to be a good way to explore without breaking the bank. They may not be for everyone but a lot of folks may really appreciate (me included) them. If they make them, have the pages perforated so they can become single sheets for reference on the quilt wall. 😍😁

  10. Yes, I would download these and color them and then make a quilt block with them. All three are beautiful and coloring is soooo relaxing. I often take a color and make a coloring sheet from them so if it was already for me to color. Yes, I would. Thank you.

  11. Hum, probably not. I'd rather be quilting or piecing. I tend to try my quilts out in EQ7. It's a good exercise for me to draw a quilt into EQ -- I keep learning more and more about it by doing these. Then I can play with the colors. I have been known to draw out a block or even a quilt on graph paper and use a basic set of color pencils to get color ideas.


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